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Jérémie Heitz climbing
Jérémie Heitz in a tent.
Jeremie skiing Mammut La Liste Outfit
Jérémie Heitz walking on snow in the dark
Jérémie Heitz using binoculars to analyze the mountain ahead
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Legendary big mountain skierJérémie Heitz portraitJérémie Heitz is back, shattering the limits of freeriding on the world’s most spectacular 6000m peaks. Facing unforgiving angles with gravity-defying speed and grace, this is freeriding like you’ve never seen it before. This is "Everything or Nothing".

Pro Team Skiing
One of the world’s fastest skiers
Date of Birth
28 Sept 1989
At Mammut since

What Jérémie has attempted straddles the line between reckless and heroic. The precision of such an extreme physical feat is astonishing on its own, but this is being done under incredibly rough conditions in isolated landscapes where one false move could be his last.

“This could be your last ride.” - Jérémie Heitz

There is no margin for error. At 6000 meters, there can only be complete trust in team and gear, full concentration, and flawless execution.

Jérémie Heitz walking on snow in the dark

-30 °C

“In extreme situations, you need gear you can trust. I helped develop this collection to deliver exactly that.”

La Liste Pro Jacket Made to thrive in harsh environments, this fully-equipped hardshell jacket has everything you need for the ultimate freeride experience.

La Liste Pro HS Hooded Jacket Men MAMMUT
  • GORE-TEX Pro full weather protection

  • Rugged abrasion-resistance

  • Designed in collaboration with Jérémie Heitz

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“I prepare physically and mentally all year long for this kind of skiing.” - Jérémie Heitz

La Liste Pro Pants Complete the outfit with these fully-equipped hardshell pants with removable snow bib. Extremely tough and breathable, they have everything you need for big mountain.

La Liste Pro HS Bib Pants Men Mammut
  • GORE-TEX Pro full weather protection

  • Abrasion-resistance & Dyneema®-reinforced seams

  • Designed in collaboration with Jérémie Heitz

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"La Liste: Everything or Nothing" delivers a more up-close, intimate, and extreme experience. We witness spectacular feats and heart-stopping moments in a way that wasn’t possible in the first “La Liste.” This is the pure, raw, exceptional story of a team that lays it all on the line in pursuit of the impossible.

Freeriding like you’ve never seen it before. Watch the film now!

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